What tours do we offer at the merged HAA? 

Adult Tours 

HAAB campus


10:15     New Exhibitions Walk-in - daily, explores highlights or in depth of any new exhibition 

11:30     Western (W, F) or Asian (T, Th, Su ) Walk-in - daily – 1 hour  general tour, docents select theme, but 

                accommodate requests 

1:00       Japanese Language Walk-in (Will move to 10:15 November 1)

1:15       Highlights (Su) – 1 hour, topic accommodates visitors

1:30       Spotlight (T-Sa) - 30 minute tour, weekly advertised topic features an artist or specific work of art

2:30       Tour and Tea (T, Th, Su) – docents select theme; planned 2-4 months out to meet membership magazine                                        publication deadlines, 1 docent hour tour followed by tea and cookies in the Cafe, served by a volunteer

1:30       Book Club (Sat) monthly, Book Club committee selects the books, discussion and gallery talk led by docents


11:00     Bank of Hawaii Family Sunday – 3rd Sunday of the month

6:00pm  Art After Dark –  ?art - last Friday


HAATCM campus


11:00     Walk-In – monthly on free Wednesday

1:30       Walk-In (HAATCM) daily

12:00     FHB – monthly, first Friday @ noon

School Tours        


HAAB campus  

All Tours begin at 9:00 and 10:30 am


Enhanced Thematic Tours – 1.5 hr tour ( Animals in Art (Gr Pre-K-3 and Special Ed), Kamishibai (Gr 1-2), East Meets 

    West (Gr 1-3), The Great Outdoors (Gr 3-8), Stories in Art (Gr 4-6), Let's Sketch (Gr 4-12), Treasures (Gr 4-12), 

    Art and Life in Colonial America (Gr 5), World Religion in Art (Gr 6-12), Global Village (Gr 6 and 11)              

                All enhanced tours have :

                Hands-on activities

                Meets DOE benchmarks

                Have 4 required works of art

Collection Specific Tours – 1 hr tour on requested collection, no requirements (Art of Asia, Art of China, Art of Japan, Southeast Asian Art, Art of the Islamic World, European Art, American Art, Hawaii and the Pacific, 

Contemporary Art)

Museum Experience Program – 70 min tour on Western painting styles + a painting class at the Art Center, (Tu 9:00 AM-12:00 PM)

Ambassador Tours –  docent tour combined with 2 Ambassador visits to the classroom for the “museum-in-a box” and an art project

 (East Meets West, Hawai‘i and Its People, Art of the Philippines, Animals in Art, Art of the Ancient World, Art of the Pacific, and Roots)

HAATCM campus  9:30 am


Transportation Transformation – new exhibition tour + art project

Art Off the Wall – storyteller + art project


How to begin cross-touring at HAAB and HAATCM


Follow or partner with an experienced docent before touring alone!

Study and prepare well for the tour.

Select a tour online that has a Need and email your request to


TCM Exhibition Tours

            Attend the walk through, study, follow, sign up, and then give the tour


FHB Center - Noon, First Friday

            Attend the walk-through, study, sign up, and then give the tour


New Exhibition Tours - 10:15 am Tu-Sat @ HAAB for any and all new exhibitions

            During Artists of Hawaii and for the duration of the New Contemporary Gallery 27

            2 docents can sign up for this tour (1 HAATCM & 1 HAAB docent)

Be at the front entrance before 10 AM

Tour together or divide the group in two for Contemporary art or other galleries

If there are no visitors, walk around the galleries and find people to help for the hour! Visitors will love it!

Sign up where you see New Exhibition Tour:

                  Need 1 (HAAB)

                  Need 1 TCM docent - to give HAATCM docents an opportunity, 

                    otherwise HAAB docents will take the slot


Collection Tours – 11:30 am Tu - Sat @ HAAB

            Currently alternates between East (T, Th, Sat) & West (Wed, Fri)

            Sign up to tour the area of the collection where you feel comfortable

            Sign up where you see: Need 1 docent

            If visitors should ask for a different area, please show them where to go, but do not hesitate

                        to tell them that is not currently your touring area if that is the case


Spotlight Tours – 1:30 pm Tu – Sat @ HAAB

            A new topic each week; you may suggest topics to Betsy                                

            Topics are booked 3 months out to meet publication deadlines

            Sign up for topics you have studied and that you are interested in touring


Tour and Tea  - 2:30 pm     T, TH and Sun

            Weekly themed tours booked 3 months out

            Usually one docent does all three tours for the week; you may partner

            Suggest and sign up for a theme of your choice with Betsy

            May be scheduled for any campus - this would be new at HAATCM


STUDENT TOURS at either campus:

            Follow an experienced docent

            Partner with an experienced docent

            Study the tour information

            Attend training session about the tour


            *Keep on schedule – arrive on time and stay on time as you move through the galleries