Asian Masterpieces

Docent Guide - Asian Masterpieces 6.27.16

Routes revised 2.25.16

See Art Make Art   grades 3-12 Ink scroll painting project taught by art teacher!
Required Works of art
            Please look to the Docent Room binders for a wealth of information on our 
                extensive Japanese Woodblock collection.

Docent Feedback
  • Overall a good tour
  • After the tour, docents should meet SAMA teachers at KINAU COURTYARD and let them take the kids to the courtyards to create art.
  • The Soga Brothers exhibit worked well first in exploring the themes of the story (love, fighting, etc.) and then seeing how the woodblocks were used to develop the images that told the story from beginning to end. Children gained an appreciation for how amazing the prints are.
  • Lead docent:  In placing the bag for Gallery 16, remove items and place on the bench and cover with the bag.  This is to facilitate activity so docents need not search for items in the bag
  • Docent on last rotation in Gallery 16 can replace items in the bag for lead docent to pick up and return to docent room
  • Lead docent:  work out access to galleries for each rotation to avoid walking through galleries occupied by other rotations.  Example:  If a docent's first rotation is Gallery 21 (Japanese gallery) take group around to Kinau Courtyeard entrance.  If first rotation is Buddhist gallery, take group to Banyan courtyard entrance, etc.
  • Docents should avoid collecting their groups at the front entrance, but go directly to their first gallery and make any introductory statements, rules, etc. there.
  • Lead docent: There are two bags for the tour, one in the Docent Room well marked for the tour and the other locked in Locker 21 with the authentic wood blocks. The key to this locker is in the Asian Masterpieces bag. The bag with the wood blocks should be returned to Locker 21 after the tour.

Apr 9, 2014, 2:36 PM