Elements of Art

Required Works of Art
Additional Information

Tips from experience:
  • Keep large felt folded up until you are ready for the project, otherwise the kids want to sit on it and it is slippery.
  • Explain what you are going to do BEFORE you pass out materials, otherwise they are playing with the objects and not listening to instruction. 
    • Example: We are going to look at patterns in the frames of the paintings. What is a pattern? How do you make it? ..... After discussion, and explaining that the exercise will be to create your own frame pattern,  pass out the Tondo and the shapes to each group.
  • Have the kids sit in a circle or line with enough space between them to work safely. Tell them: "I want you to sit in a circle here, or a line right here (as you point to the exact place." THEN pass out supplies.
    • Be sure there is space between the children so they don't get in others' space. One little girl was scratched by a pipe-cleaner another child was taking from the bag. 
  • Keep the hands-on activities away from the walls and art. There is plenty of floor space out in the middle.