Gallery 12 - Ancient Latin and North American Art

Mixtec culture, Oaxaca, Mexico, Mask of Tlaloc

Maya culture, Mexico or Guatemala, Covered Vessel

Maya culture, Jaina Island, Campeche, Mexico, Double Figure

Maya culture, Guatemala, Palma

Colima, Mexico, Jar with Parrot Feet

Veracruz, Mexico, Dog Effigy Vessel

Colima, Mexico, Dog with Human Mask

Nayarit, Mexico, Seated Male and Female Figures

Maya culture, possibly Yaxchilan, Chiapas, Mexico, Cylindrical Vessel

Maya culture, Guatemala,Hacha 

 Veraguas/Chiriquí culture, Panama Pendant

Veraguas/Chiriquí culture, Panama Male Figure Pendant

Panama, Nose Clip

Panama, Pendant (crocodile)

Nazca culture, Peru, Double-Spout Vessel

Moche culture, Peru, Stirrup-Spout Vessel

Nazca culture, Peru, Double-Spout Vessel

Pomo people, northwest California, United States, Storage Basket

Yup’ik or Inuit/Inupiat people, Alaska or Canada, Covered Basket