Games to Promote Long Looking

Activities to Promote Long Looking



  • You make a sound and the students guess what painting
  • Each student makes a sound from a painting as you point to them around the room – then make the sounds all together

Turn Around Game

  • Have your students look for 30 seconds, then turn with their backs to the work of art. Ask them what they saw. Se how many details theycan come up with. See if they argee with what they saw. 


  • Describe the colors with adjectives ( brick red, sunshine yellow, juicy grape purple, etc)


  • Each student says an object that they see in one painting, going around the room as fast as possible

I Spy with my little eye

  • The docent or a student selects something in the gallery and says “I Spy with my little eye”, then the others ask questions to guess what it is.
  • Turn around game
  • Give the students 30 seconds to look at a painting.

Elements Game

  • Look for things ….red, wiggly lines, square shapes, etc.

Take a walk in the painting

  • Imagine being small… take a walk around the painting or sculpture. Describe what you are seeing or where you go.

Before and after Game

  • Imagine the artist painted a set, showing the before and after image. What would they be?

Visit another world

  • Imagine the person came to visit us now – what would they be surprised about?
  • Imagine you went to visit them, what would you be surprised about?

Change the media game

  • Discuss a work of art. Then imagine how it might look if it were done in another media. Example: How would Lady Mieux look as a Greek sculpture? A figurine of Chinoiserie? A Chinese tomb treasure?

Change the style game

  • Discuss a work of art. Then imagine how it might look if it were done in another artist style. For example: A Matisse painted as a surrealist painting, or a cubist painting, as a limner painting, etc…

Art Critic _ This is a standard I believe??? – to make judgements about art

  • Which would have been judged best when it was created?
  • Which work of art would have not been popular?
  • What work of art in the room took the longest to make? Why?
  • Which would your _____ (put in a name of a relative) like best and why?
  • Which work of art requires the most skill to make?
  • Which took the longest to make?
  • Which work of art might have the best story? The students tell the story – they can make up what they wish!
  • Which painting shows a _______ mood? (Put in words such as scary, pretty, strange, etc)
  • Why did the museum put those two objects side by side?
  • Why is that painting in the museum?
  • Which painting would you grab if the museum were to catch on fire and you needed to save one?
  • Which painting would you like in your bedroom? Kitchen? Which would you not want in our house?
  • Which painting do you hate? Love?

Posing Game

  • Take the pose of the person in the painting

Art Auction

  • Pretend you are on the phone trying to sell a work of art. Describe it so the person will buy it!

Describe art

         Each person come up with one word to describe the painting.