Georgia O"Keeffe and Ansel Adams: The Hawaii Pictures

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Georgia in Hawaii - book to read during tour to young children - Part 1, 2, 3

Docent Feedback:

In the Kinau rotation

Use clothes lines to hang sun art.  Leave until the end of the tour and collect in envelopes provided for teachers to take back to school.
Carry sun art papers upside down to water tray to avoid further exposure.
Take care NOT to expose any unused photo paper.

Be sure they place the sun paper in the DIRECT SUNLIGHT! Watch for the development, it is a different time each day.

Each student gets their own sheet of sun paper. When you pass it out, let everyone observe the change from light blue to pale blue, so they know what to look for. Dont pass the paaper out all at once; stagger delivery so they are not all at the developing tray at once. 
The sun art paper should be the same size as the practice paper.
To avoid wear and tear on the large camera LIFT the top off rather than pulling it; the bellows are wearing out! 

Central Courtyard
Do not use tables around the courtyard for their art project.  Use only the boards and do all drawing in the courtyard itself.
Lead docent:  Collect cart with camera in Education Office and take it to Docent Room to collect bags for distribution.
For the initial 10 walk through of the galleries, it helps for docents to agree on going in the same direction to avoid chaos of overlapping groups.
Remind students and teacher about the website for kid's impressions of Hawaii.