Guidelines for giving tours

Every group tour with more than one Docent will have a Lead Docent who takes on the responsibility of meeting the group and/or returning materials following a tour. Each Lead Docent earns an extra half credit and is designated as the Lead Docent by signing up in Docent #1 field on the sign-up calendar.

All Docents (except Lead for first tour) arrive 15 minutes prior to a tour.  The Lead Docent for the first tour arrives 30 minutes before the first tour.

The Lead Docent for the second tour returns materials to the Tour Supply Room and returns carts in Kinau Courtyard to the front of the Museum at Beretania.

Lead Docent Meeting the First Tour Group

1. Arrive at the museum 30 minutes before the tour.  Pick up any required school activity bags from the Docent Room at HMA Beretania (HMA-B) or the classroom at HMA Spalding House (HMA-SH).  Confirm that all galleries are open and required artwork is on view.  All Docents need to check-in with the lead Docent at least 15 minutes prior to the tour time.   Pick up routes from the Docent Room at HMA-B or from the front desk at HMA-SH.  Lead Docent should take the last group.

 2. The Along with art instructor, welcome the group as they arrive on the front lanai.  Confirm that the teacher has divided the total number of students into two groups with a chaperone for each gallery-touring group.  The remaining chaperones go with the art-making group.  Once they are in the two groups, the Lead Docent and the Art Instructor direct the groups to store bags and lunches in one of the two bins on wheels at HMA-B and on the floor by the door at HMA-SH. At HMA-B the first gallery-touring group puts their water/snacks in a bin on the Diamond Head side of Central Court and the first art-making group puts their water/snacks in a bin on the Ewa side. Please do not place bags into the bins when the bins are still stacked on top of each other!  If they have brought a snack, the Art Instructor wheels the cart(s) to Kinau Courtyard and the Lead Docent on the second tour returns the carts to the front of the museum.

3. The majority of our tours this year (2017) are 'See Art Make Art.'  After the first group has finished their first tour/activity, allow time for a restroom and water break.  Take your group to Kinau Courtyard for snack and/or switch. 

4. After the tour, all Docents and an Art Instructor escort their groups to the lanai where they gather with their teacher. Say good-bye to the group and thank them for coming.  

Lead Docent Meeting the Second Tour Group 

The Lead Docent on the second section of the tour should meet the touring group in Kinau Courtyard on the Ewa side and make sure the group is subdivided into the number of Docents.  Following the tour this Lead Docent collects and returns all tour materials to the Docent supply room.  Any carts in Kinau Courtyard should be returned to the front area of the museum (Central Courtyard by the stools).



What if the school bus is late?

At fifteen (15) minutes prior to a tour start time, if the school bus has not arrived, call the teacher to determine if they are on their way and when they might arrive. When the group arrives, adjust all tour routes as necessary so that each stop is of equal time. Make sure all Docents agree to the time-change plan.

 What if YOU can’t make a scheduled tour?

If you need to cancel a tour less than a week out, please try and find a substitute Docent and let Jan know.  Jan has most the slots filled three weeks out and really can’t accommodate many last minute changes.

If it is less than 24 hours out and it is impossible to find a substitute, please talk to Jan.

If at the last minute you can’t make a tour (e. g., your car breaks down, you are suddenly very sick), please call the front desk 532-8788 (HMA-B) or 237-5226 HMA-SH) or the Learning and Engagement Department numbers: 532-3621 (Jan) or 532-8792 (Justin Davies) to report very last minute inability to conduct a scheduled tour.

What if there is an emergency during the tour? (A visitor is sick, there is a fire, you have a troublesome person, etc.)  

At HMA-B, wave your arms at the video cameras so the guards will see you. OR you may call the front desk security phone on your cell – 532-8788. OR you may call Learning and Engagement at 532-3621/532-8792 if you need help. If no one answers, leave a message and someone will call you back right away.  At HMA-SH, send someone or you yourself run to the front desk for help. You may also use your phone to call the front desk at 237-5226.