Jason Teraoka

Jason Teraoka

Born:  1964, Kapa’a, Kaua’i

Residence:  Honolulu, Hawai’i

Education:  Self-taught...with inspiration from some of the best Artists Hawai’i has ‘grown’.

Employment:  Honolulu Academy of Arts

Major shows/Galleries/Commissions:

Media/Techniques:  Acrylic Paint and white glue on paper & panel--a technique he discovered spontaneously.

Contextual Information:  Jason is a fan of the camera work of Alfred Hitchcock; the tension in the drawn out moments when things are about to happen.  

Subject Matter/Themes/Concepts:  He is influenced by current events, particularly those which annoy him about our society...drugs, homelessness, etc..  He can see someone walking down a street and later find his work being influenced by what he saw.  To quote Toshio Hara of Japan’s Hara Museum:  

"Even as Teraoka satirizes the society that produced such people, there is a deep compassion in hi.s depiction of them. ... While looking at his pictures, one gets a momentary glimpse of oneself."


researched by Janet Weyenberg