Kress Fellow Position Description

Position Description


To develop educational programs that connect European Art (from antiquity to the dawn of the modern era, including the Kress Collection) and Arts of the Philippines. Broaden access to the collections for students, Filipinos, Catholics, and other communities.

Essential responsibilities:

 Through scholarly research, determines and describes connections between Honolulu Museum of Art’s European (from antiquity to the dawn of the modern era) and Arts of the Philippines collections:

o Researches relationships between the two traditions and identifies continuities between specific artworks in the collection;

o Develops interpretive materials for the museum’s permanent collections of European and Philippines art, which may include supporting text for works on display in the galleries, online content, and other material.

 Increases internal museum capacity for education and outreach in European Art and Arts of the Philippines:

o Integrates hands-on and engaging approaches to tours, curricula and didactic materials;

o Contributes to docent and teacher training programs;

o Helps to create Smarthistory or TED-Ed videos;

o Teaches in the galleries/lectures in Doris Duke Theatre; and

o Assists with visitor engagement.

 Helps with outreach to relevant constituencies (Filipino Community Center, Catholic Churches and organizations, Title 1 schools, University of Hawai‘i, etc.).