Morning stARTers Information

Morning StARTer Program 10am – 12 pm

1.   Aloha Lead

2. Aloha stARTers (2)

3.   Japanese Tues-Sat

4. Korean and Chinese - Wed


1. Aloha Lead Docent


The Aloha docent is the Lead Docent who remains at the front entrance while the other Morning StARTer docents (Asian, Western and foreign-language) are giving tours or working the galleries.




·       Welcome visitors as they enter. Standing and smiling, ready to help!

Welcome to the Honolulu Museum of Art!

Is this your first visit? May I help you find something special?

May I suggest you take a short tour to see some key works of art?


·       If visitors have never been here, offer basic information about the museum.

What we are – 2 museums, 2 cafés, gift shop, theater and school

How we got here - Anna Rice Cooke and her vision

Where are they - Orientation or layout of the museum with a map


·       Direct them to docents who are giving tours

There are docents in the galleries to answer your questions or take you on a tour. Is there a particular area you would like to explore? (Since most don’t have an idea, suggest they go with whoever is in the Central Courtyard waiting to help visitors.)


·       Keep track of where the docents are heading. 


Morning StARTer Docents

All Morning StARTer docents should be prepared to do a highlights tour that could last 10 minutes to an hour. This tour would include 2-8 works of art that fit a theme or are the docent’s favorite. These touring docents may also engage the visitors by answering questions, having a short conversation, or give a long or short tour. These docents may take the visitors to a requested work of art, stay with this individual or group as long as the group is interested, or suggest they visit another area of the museum. In general, think of creative ways to help visitors connect with the art.

Afternoon Highlights Tours 1:30 - 3pm

The format is the same as the stARTer tour.