Peter Saul

ARTIST: Peter Saul

DOB/PLACE:  8/16/1934, San Francisco, California

RESIDENCE:  New York State

EDUCATION:  1950-52, California School of Fine Arts                                    1952-56, Washington University, St. Louis 

EMPLOYMENT:  U of Texas, Austin, 1981-2000


MEDIA & TECHNIQUES:  Painting/drawing and collage 

CONTEXTUAL INFORMATION:  Strong influence of POP Art, comics...uses ‘hot’ colors.  High energy and often obnoxious (“pitiless lampooning”*) they make their point.  Apparently though now in his late 70’s, he has not ‘mellowed’ one bit.


SUBJECT MATTER/THEMES/CONCEPTS DEALT WITH:  Irony and satire...personal foibles, satires of art history, WWll, Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, etc..

LINKS FOR FURTHER STUDY:                  The best article:  *

*A quote:  “If his work has softened and broadened with time — a few of the later pictures in this otherwise sterling selection feel undercooked or overstated — its essence remains tough and firm. This is an art of combative moral ambiguity that looks as if it’s coming from some laugh-riot lunatic fringe but is, in fact, a sane and realistic depiction of the world. What’s wrong with this picture? each Saul painting asks. And each one answers: Everything.”

researched by Janet Weyenberg