Picturing Hawaii

Docent Guide 2.19.19

Routes 2.19.19

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(Laminated works of art for compare and contrast activity)
  • Gallery 29b 
    • Explorers drawings: Exhibition Overview & Wall Labels HERE
      • A Woman of the Sandwich Islands, Louis Choris, 1816
      • Ooro, Principal Officer of Kamehameha, 1819, Jacques Arago
      • A Canoe of the Sandwich Islands, Webber 1784
      • Port d’Hanarourou sur I’lle de Vahou, Louis Choris, 1816 
      • An Offering before Captain Cooke, Port of Hanarourou sur I’lle de Vahou, Choris 
      • Figures en Bois Placese, Pellion 1819
      • Kamehameha I, 1816, Choris