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Making a Case for Transforming Training

Why I hate Museums

Adults are learners too! from Museum Questions blog

National Docent Symposium 2015 Cincinnati 

Museums: Temples of Delight

How we experience art

Ten top things children learn from the arts

How you expect to feel at an art museum vs. how you really feel

Three question not to ask about art

Activities in Art Museums

Productive Information: Contextual Knowledge in Museum Education

Inquiry Learning vs. Standardized Content

Eight ways to independent learners

Classroom Confidential - 12 secrets of great teachers

Teaching yourself to teach with objects

Comparing 20th century vs. 21st century education

Outside the Frame Melinda Meyer, Art Education, July 2012

Active Learning Paper by Kayla Federline, Education Intern 2012

Teaching in the Art Museum: Interpretation as Experience, Rika Burnham and Elliot Kai-Kee

          Chapter 1 The Art of Teaching in the Museum

Engagement, Distraction, and the Puzzle of the Puzzle

Wall Street Journal Article: Three Tips for Surviving the Art Museum

Recommendations for reading about Contemporary Art: 

Terry Barrett, Why is that Art? Aesthetics and Criticism of Contemporary Art; NY, Oxford Press, 2008

Jean Robertson and Craig McDaniel; Themes of Contemporary Art - Visual Art after 1980, NYC, Oxford PRess, 2010

Jonathan Fineberg, Art Since 1940 - Strategies of Being, NYC, Henry Abrams, 1995

David Joselit, American Art Since 1945, NYC, Thames and Hudson, 2003

HAA Museum Education Annual Report 2010-11 - Part 1 and 2

Creating a Culture of Thinking: A New Kind of Docent Education Program

Cultivating a Culture of Thinking in Museums by Ron Ritchhart

Serving the Community Training Museum Educators to Meet
Teacher Needs

Body Language: How to Talk to Students about Nudity in Art from the Art Institute of Chicago

History of Women in Western Art

Making a Museum Visit Fun for Toddlers, Teens, and In-Betweens from the Art Institute of Chicago:

Art to Art: Anatomy of a Merger, Honolulu Magazine March 2011

NYTimes video on Chinese Scrolls
with Maxwell Hearn, the new head of Asian Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Honolulu Magazine, January 2011, Tour and Tea article

Huffington Post article on Abstract Art March 2011

Interview with George Hein The Museum as Classroom