Science through Art Spalding House 2014

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Training and Walk through Betsy Robb and Aaron Padilla Science through Art 
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Art and Physics at the Philadelphia Art Museum - this is an article about their new IPhone/IPad app

Support Information 

Scientific Method                                                   Scientific Process

Three things to spark learning TED talk by a Ramsey Musellam, a chemistry teacher 

Teaching arts and science TED talk by Mae Jemison 

Support information by Gallery

Potters Alchemy
Science of Pottery and glazes more than you ever need to know
It'll Last Longer

Fool Spectrum: Color Light and Perception
Pigments not really relevant, but a very interesting website
Benham's Disk explanation

Come Undone: The Art of Entrophy and Decay

What Moves You: The Mechanics of Kinetic Art