Sol V, Richard Anuszkiewicz

Richard Anuszkiewicz (American, born 1930) 

Sol V, 1968 

Acrylic on canvas 

Gift of John Gregg Allerton, 1968 (3546.1) 

During the 1960s many artists rejected the expressive and autobiographical aspects of abstract expressionism and adopted a more structured and reductive format for their art making. This so-called minimalist sensibility took many forms, including hard-edged and clearly-contoured forms where surface patterns, shapes, and areas of pure color became paramount. Richard Anuszkiewicz has been a leading American proponent of Optical art, or Op art, taking the hard-edge qualities of minimalism to an extreme. In works such as Sol V with its repeated, concentric, geometric shapes, machinelike precision, and carefully structured plays of color, Anuszkiewicz created strong optical effects. As colors and patterns of this work seem to shift and vibrate, Anuszkiewicz plays with the viewer's sense of visual perception