STEAM @ the Museum

  • Tour Training Video Part 1 (includes solar print project and Theatre presentation)

TIPS and UPDATES - Thaumotrope will be distributed in the theater.
Be sure to put PENCILS in the bag for 1 point perspective.
After the drawing exercise, have the teacher collect the booklets to hold for the remainder of the tour. 
Glass is now in the Kinau Hallway rather than gallery 14 (shunga)

  • Required Works of Art
    • Gallery 17/ Kinau Courtyard (Science & Technology / Mud and Clay)
      • *Let the children select pieces that interest them
    • Central Courtyard (Math & Art / Biggest work of art)

Additional Tour Information

    Be sure and tell the story of Archimedes and the word Eureka! 

Benham's Disk explanation