Mabuhay: Art of the Philippines

Mabuhay means Welcome in Tagalog! 

Docent Guide updated 8.22.16

Routes 3.3.15

Mediterranean Courtyard Rotation

Story to read to the children - The Prince's Bride  (Ignore the page with a yellow post-it)

Try on the one tube skirt costume, necklace and belt.
Try on the 3 boys hats. Two are Bachlors hats, one before and the other after marriage. The wooden hat is for workers in the field - they can use it as a hat or owl for eating and dringing.

How to play Congkak This is a game like Mankala the African game. We have borrowed one from Lending. 

More information coming

Hornbill symbolism

 backstrap loom

Santos informations - scanned from binders (please excuse the alignment)

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