Tour Techniques

This is a collection of teaching tips collected from many sources.

Engaging Teaching Techniques for Adults and Children  
Some of these are very obvious, some are old favorites you may have forgotten, while others might be new things to try out or just think about! Experiment, have fun, and keep on all the things that you know keep your tour wonderful. 

Docent Rubric - use this document to assess how you are doing as a docent!

4 Seconds to look

Back to back description

Before and After

Be flexible

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) NDS 2019 


Differences Activity

Creative story telling 

Games to Promote Long Looking

Turn and Talk 

Pair and Share

Compare and Contrast 

Wrap-up or Conclusion 

Be spontaneous 

Creative questioning

Thought bubble 

Dramatize a work of art 


Title making 


Quietly and independently looking followed by discussion 

Invite visitors to select works of art to discuss  

Name the Object

Noisy Art


Invite visitors to create their own interpretations of works of art 

Share personal connections and stories 

Be flexible

Ask open-ended questions

Handle artwork 

2-D illustrations

Sketching activities 

Artful Thinking 

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Be flexible!