Warriors Eyes on Art

New Plan for 2014

We welcome warriors to the museum for an experience outside their comfort zone as they go through a medical treatment program. At the museum, we facilitate a quiet and contemplative hour in which they can feel the peace of the galleries, and admire the beauty of the world through treasured objects, and respond to what they see with words and art making. This is not an art history tour, it is a therapeutic session through the art. 

The social workers state that the skills they are focused on the soldiers learning for the medical program are:
    Observation - a chance to look carefully at the world around them 
    Awareness and Mindfulness - fully notice and appreciate art and themselves 
    Expression - describe their responses to art; explore how artists express themselves (style, color); 
        consider how they will in their art
    Storytelling - enjoy stories through art and tell their story in art

Please allow the soldiers to look around and respond to the art they select. Have them choose a favorite piece and express what it is about it that is fascinating to them. You may tell some stories with the art, but more importantly, have them make up some stories about the art. Discuss styles of painting. Talk about the feelings different styles and colors express. Share personal stories with them, and listen to what they want to share. We want them to open up and feel good talking with strangers, but don't force them to talk if they cannot. Two important rules: Don't call them wounded and don't touch them. We know they need a hug, but it cannot be a part of their healing here at the museum. 
Our biggest hope is that they will feel more comfortable here and with themselves, that they will consider this a safe place to come and think and heal, and that they can find peace and a way to express themselves through art. The military hopes that they will return to active duty status. Maybe they will also like art! 

Please record your tour numbers and galleries visited on the schedule or email Jan. We want to be sure the soldiers see something different each time.