Words through Art - TXT/MSG at SH

Art inspires words

Docent guide  9.3.15 after 1st tour
Note: Lead docent should replenish the papers for each tour to be used in Gallery 2 and 5 (mind maps for poetry and creating your monster activity). These papers are kept in a box in the classroom cupboard with the bags. 
For the mind mapping - distribute as many colors as you wish. For young children, who cannot write many words (PR-K-2) you may only hold and write on one paper yourself. For older children, let them work in groups of 3 or 4. So you may need several mind maps for each rotation.

For the monster activity - divide the group into 3 - one for each monster. You will need one paper for each group. 
The teachers can take these papers back to the classroom. Let Jenny know when they are low. 
The booklets are used in the classroom and should be distributed after the tour. 
Give the teacher the paint chips for poetry writing back in the classroom. 

Tour Assessment 9.8.15 Please read before and after the tour